Dr Rick Hanson
Neurodharma: Exploring Buddhist Themes in the Brain
•  Explore experience-dependent neuroplasticity – the fact that immaterial mental activity sculpts neural structure – and its implications for Buddhist practice and psychology
•  Discuss the mechanisms of suffering in the brain, and how they evolved
•  Present ways to cultivate the wholesome by weaving positive experiences into the brain
Venerable Ajahn Brahm
The Buddha’s Spiritual and Scientific Cessation of Suffering
Roshi Joan Halifax
Buddhism and Being with Dying.
Dr Stephanie Dowrick
Inner Peace and Sacred Activism

Dr Stephanie Dowrick affirms the far-reaching power of inner peace, as well as celebrating the sacred activism it illuminates and sustains.

Dr Eng-Kong Tan
Inner Peace from Meditative Psychotherapy for Therapeutic Action

As mindfulness deepens noble silences occur in the therapeutic dyad. It is from these benevolent peaceful states that wisdom and compassion arise.