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Loraine Keats (aka Jitindria)

Jitindriya (aka Loraine Keats)

AABCAP Co-Director of Training
Jitindriya is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and meditation teacher. She trained as a Buddhist nun for over 16 years in the Theravadan Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah & Ajahn Sumedho, during which time she lived and taught in England, Australia & the USA.
After leaving the monastic order, Jitindriya earned a Master’s degree in Buddhist Psychotherapy Practice with the Karuna Institute & Middlesex University in the UK. Jitindriya returned to Australia in 2008 and now lives in Lismore, Northern NSW, where she has a private psychotherapy practice.


Training Committee
Francine is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker and counsellor who has worked in Government, Non-Government and Private Practice.  She has taught on Attachment Theory, Ethics, Human Development and Trauma in several Psychotherapy training courses. Her speciality is working across the life span with children, youth and families, with a particular interest in the impact of stress through the prenatal period. Francine began Vipassana meditation in the 1970’s which has informed her therapeutic practice; and completing AABCAP’s Professional Training 3 years ago has deepened her client and supervisory work. She has 3 sons and 9 grandchildren – also a profound training in mindfulness
Subana Barzaghi

Subana Barzaghi

Subhana Barzarghi
Subhana Barzaghi is a Zen Buddhist Roshi and senior guiding Insight Meditation teacher. She teaches regular retreats and workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Subhana has 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Applied Psychotherapy & Neuroscience. Subhana is a graduate in Hakomi- Embodied Mindful Psychotherapy and a trainer for the AABCAP course and provides clinical supervision.




Lizzie Turnbull
Liz is a psychotherapist in private practice and supervises in somatic and mindfulness based therapies in Byron Bay, northern NSW. Liz teaches Insight meditation. She is an executive on the AABCAP training committee. Since 1985, Liz has been a practising Buddhist with experience in the Vajrayana, Zen and western Insight traditions.
Geoff Dawson
(BA (Psych, Phil), MAPS) Geoff is a Zen Buddhist teacher and a Dharma Successor to the American Zen teacher Charlotte Joko Beck. He is a teacher of the Ordinary Mind Zen School in Sydney and Melbourne. He is also a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice in North Sydney. He has an extensive background in couple and family therapy and worked for many years as a manager, clinical supervisor and trainer for Relationships Australia. He now works mainly in the area of mindfulness based adult psychotherapy, couple therapy and providing clinical supervision to mental health

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Brian Gutkin