Everyone is eligible to join AABCAP, You do not need to be a Buddhist to be a member but we do encourage you to develop a regular mindfulness and meditation practice. We do require you maintain our Code of Conduct.
We have four levels of membership which reflect the member’s level of professional qualification and interest in the Association’s objectives.

Membership Levels

  1. Full Membership – Full Members are members who:
a) have a PACFA (Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia) Member Association Full Membership, (For a list of PACFA Member Association visit their website
b) Belong to an Incorporated helping profession & fulfil the training requirements for membership of PACFA or its equivalents. The training requirements of PACFA are:
Members must have successfully completed at least a bachelor degree or equivalent in terms of level and depth of training as defined by the Australian Qualification Framework over a minimum of three years for undergraduate and 2 years for postgraduate, 200 hours of person‐to‐person psychotherapy and/or counselling training and 50 hours of supervision relating to 200 hours of client contact. A minimum of 10 hours of supervision relating to 40 client contact hours must have taken place within the training program (These 10 hours are part of the 50 hours of supervision). For more information see PACFA website
As a Full Member of AABCAP and PACFA.
PACFA Members are required to log CPD and Supervision hours in the PACFA portal annually.  PACFA conducts random audits of members every 3 years, this requires proof of CPD attendances and signed declaration of supervision hours based on client hours that meet PACFA standards at the time of audit.  For more details about the portal please contact PACFA directly.
After the initial registration with PACFA your annual PACFA Membership fee is included in your AABCAP Full membership of $425.00. The PACFA membership levy this year is $175.92, AABCAP pays PACFA on your behalf annually.
If you have not previously provided us with copies of your formal qualifications, please do so including any copies of professional memberships as we are required to have all documentation on file for PACFA registration. All documentation will remain securely stored as per AABCAP’s privacy policy.
This documentation is compulsory for renewing Full Membership or applying for an upgrade to Full Membership)
  1. Associate Membership: Associate members are members of an incorporated association of a helping profession who meet the requirements.
  1. Affiliate Membership: Affiliate members are those who are not members of an incorporated helping profession but wish to involve themselves in the activities of AABCAP.
  1. Student Membership: This applies only to full-time students only. Evidence of student enrolment is required.

Benefits for Full & Associate Members joining AABCAP…

We care for and value our AABCAP members, providing the support and personal contact to assist you in professional and personal development as a therapist.  For more information about our values, click here 
For All members you will receive:
  • Reduced fees to all our AABCAP events and conference
  • 4 or more e-Newsletters per year with the latest news from AABCAP
  • E-Resource Emails with information of workshops and trainings offered by AABCAP members and friends of AABCAP; online resources; employment and volunteer opportunities; research articles.
  • A 10% discount on book purchases from Windhorse books (
  • Opportunity to join the AABCAP Management Committee (automatic 5 CPD hours per year)

Full and Associate Membership benefits include:

  • The use of our AABCAP Member logo PACFA membership** (Full members only) Advertising of your Buddhist related workshops and events through our networks**.
  • A free listing on “Find A Therapist” on the AABCAP website. An active link from your name on AABCAP’s website to your personal websites.
  • Opportunities to present in our AABCAP Conference, AABCAP Conversations and volunteer within your local Sangha.
** Conditions apply

AABCAP Membership 1 July 2017 until June 30 2018.

For New Members:  How to Apply for AABCAP Membership
For Existing Members: 2017 – 2018 AABCAP Membership renewal form
For our current Membership Fees click here