Mar 2018


Buddhist Psychology: clinical and personal applications – Mal Huxter

Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March 2018

Day 1: Holistic mindfulness and the eight-fold path

Day 2: Mindful-compassion: Ancient and contemporary perspectives and practices.

Venue:  Buddhist Library, 90 Church Street, Camperdown Sydney, 2050

These workshops will provide an opportunity to experience and understand the clinical (and personal) applications of Buddhist mindfulness and four relationship qualities (loving kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity).

Presenter:   Mal Huxter (MAPS, AABCAP) is a clinical psychologist in private practice.   He is the author of “Healing the heart and mind with mindfulness. Ancient path, present moment”, Routledge 2016.

This is a joint APS (BPIG) and AABCAP event. Members qualify for significant discounted fees.   Book your place here. 

NOTE:  as at 17th Feb 2018  the APS website is having technical technical difficulties, we have been advised they are working on it. Please check back later and you may also Email Nicholas Tabley at and we will record your enquiry and secure a place if there are still places available. Thanks for your patience.

Tall Buddha Theravadan


May 2018


SAVE these Dates

26th May 2018Dr Sara Lazar Half-day seminar on her neuro-imaging studies of the human brain in meditation.

7th July 2018Dr Rick Handson This will be one day of training and dialogue with one of the world leaders in the practical and skilful application of neuropsychology, Buddhist psychology and wisdom for health professionals.

15 – 16 September AABCAP Conference Transforming Narcicism Pilar Jennings and Neville Symington

In New South Wales

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Ongoing Meditation Group

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You are invited to an AABCAP Member’s home, join in group meditations in your local area.

Bondi First Monday of the month from 7.30pm – 8.30pm. Explore various meditations styles. Guest speakers.  No Experience required. Free to AABCAP members. Contact Deborah on 0402 623 375 for more details.


In Victoria

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In Queensland

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AABCAP Disclaimer

AABCAP aims to enrich the lives of its members through dialogue, connection with other clinicians and by offering opportunities for learning and development. In the spirit of generosity, we offer to individuals and organisations a forum to disseminate information about up-coming events to our members & friends. These events are not endorsed by AABCAP. AABCAP members and friends participate at their own discretion.

Buddhism and Psychotherapy – Professional Training Course

Next Course Begins February 2019

An innovative and unique postgraduate course integrating the wisdom of Buddhism with the art and science of Psychotherapy.
This is a specialist postgraduate programme accredited by PACFA.  Prospective students will already have a clinical qualification in areas such as psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, or social work.  Other relevant tertiary qualifications may be considered.
In their respective field, an applicant’s basic psychotherapy/counselling training should consist of at least 200 hours of attendance, (whether gained in one training or over several trainings).  Also required is relevant clinical experience of a minimum of 5 years, gained after the completion of the basic clinical qualification, and a minimum of 50 hours of supervision in clinical practice.
Applications are also encouraged from Buddhist Sangha who wish to develop their understanding of the value of psychotherapy in the support of Buddhist practitioners.
  • Two year course, part time: 10 weekend modules and 3 residential retreats
  • An introduction to Buddhist psychology including concepts such as self/non-self, emptiness, mindfulness and embodiment
  • Taught by an experienced multidisciplinary faculty, including: psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, Buddhist monks and nuns
  • Explore the interface between Buddhist psychology and psychotherapy
  • Explore the social, cultural and ethical issues in the integration of Buddhism and psychotherapy
  • Learn about the awakening experiences of insight, compassion and equanimity
  • Explore the spiritual dimension of therapy
  • Deepen and refine personal meditation practice
The course offers a balance of theoretical and experiential learning, using lectures, discussion, experiential and group processes, case presentations, supervision, contemplation and meditation practices.
Our Next Professional Training Course starts in February 2019 – Applications Open 1st October 2017
If you’re interested to apply as an experienced therapist in the field of mental health,  having meet the criteria as outlined in the prospectus, we encourage you to submit an Expression of Interest today.  We’ll keep you informed of all relevant  information pertaining to the next course as well as a reminders regarding application for our 2019-2020 course as well as any other opportunities and events that could be of interest to you.  Please note that AABCAP is unable to support International Student Visas.
Course Prospectus for 2019 Course v5(PDF)
Expression of Interest for 2019 Course (PDF)
Application for 2019 Course (PDF)

Nov 2017


Narcisissm.. is Buddhism a treatment? with Louise Fisher

narcissus“From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: that we are here for the sake of each other… “  A. Einstein

Time: 6:30- 8:30 pm
Venue: Crows Nest Community Centre, Crows Nest, NSW
Cost: $25 Members $15

Narcissism is a prevalent theme in contemporary society and of increasing clinical interest. Louise will present findings from her master’s thesis on narcissism. Louise Fisher is a counsellor and psychologist with a private practice in Potts Point. She was formerly Director of Training of AABCAP’s Professional Training Course.


Sep 2017


Interfaith Spirituality and Psychotherapy – Still some places available!


“If we take the world’s enduring religions at their best, we discover the distilled wisdom of the human race. ” ― Huston Smith

Time: 10:am-4:00pm
Venue: Crows Nest Community Centre, Crows Nest, NSW
Cost: $180 AABCAP Members $150  F/T Students $50

The effectiveness of spiritual and religious interventions in therapy is now well recognized. This one day seminar will feature contributions from psychotherapists of different faiths and traditions, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim and Hindu. Powerful personal stories of how spiritual and religious wisdom and practices translate into the work and life of psychotherapists in diverse contexts and clinical populations. An opportunity for interfaith dialogue.    See program   HERE


Dr Loyola McLean (Christian) is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and a Lecturer in Psychiatry. She studied Arts/Medicine at the University of Sydney and went on to specialise in psychiatry. Her interests in both research and clinical aspects of psychosomatic medicine and the psychophysiology of affect regulation are grounded in experience and training in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and the Psychotherapies.

Dr Tanveer Ahmed (Muslim) is a psychiatrist and author working in both private practice and at Bankstown Hospital. He is also an elected local government representative. His most recent book is a look at the cultural rise of mental health called “Fragile Nation.”

Dr Sunita Misra (Hindu) is a Senior Specialist Psychologist with the Benevolent Society of New South Wales. She has nearly 20 years’ experience as a psychologist working clinically with diverse client groups. Sunita has a special interest in the treatment and psychotherapies of children and adults with intellectual disability and mental health, issues.

Geoff Dawson (Buddhism) is a psychologist in private practice in North Sydney.  He was one of the founders of AABCAP and has a life-long interest in the integration of Buddhism and Psychotherapy.


 DATE: Saturday 9th September 2017

TIME: 10am to 4pm

VENUE: Crows Nest Community Centre  2 Ernest St Crows Nest NSW                                  

COST: Standard $180,  AABCAP members $150  F/T Students $50

Refreshments including morning and afternoon tea provided. 

More info and Bookings HERE

Jun 2017


Buddhism and Psychotherapy in Conversation – “Karuna in Action”

“Words and thoughts concerning compassionate action that are not put into action are like colourful flowers that have no fragrance.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Time: 6:30- 8:30 pm
Venue: Crows Nest Community Centre, Crows Nest, NSW
Cost: $25 Members $15

Come along and be inspired and hear stories of compassionate action that are changing people’s lives and transforming human suffering at a corporate and community level.

We are pleased to offer the generosity and wisdom of two speakers:

KK Lim, President of the Association of Engaged Buddhists

Prior to dedicating his life to social work-related activities, KK Lim worked as a senior banker in several countries. He was the founder and director of a corporate training business in Hong Kong that assisted companies to improve internal staff communication and foster appropriate leadership coaching skills. Now KK is a Buddhist practitioner involved in various initiatives to alleviate the suffering in disadvantaged communities both in Australia and overseas. He is the current President of the Association of Engaged Buddhists. KK’s talk includes reflections on past and current projects such as working with the ill, poor and refugees and helping people enhance their generosity and compassion through action. He will discuss regular teachings and meditations that assist people to overcome their challenges.

Barbara Jones, Founder and Director of Executive Mandala

Barbara  specializes in leadership development corporate arena as a specialist in the field of human change. Her work in this area is based on the principle that when technically competent business leaders learn to become personally aware, and strengthen their mental resilience, they work more easily within high pressure scenarios typical of today’s corporate environment. Barbara is a long-term advocate of the use of mindfulness as a front-end capability in bringing about sustainable human change. While living and working in India, Barbara discovered Buddhism. She is on the Board of Directors of Disability Services Australia and is a registered member with AABCAP and PACFA. The focus of Barbara’s talk is about how she incorporates and uses compassion as a major foundational platform of support for executives attempting to make significant behavioural change in the way they operate in their roles.

To Reserve your seat Book Here

May 2017


Compassion in Action for Helping Professions

angel book feather

Renew and Deepen with Chrissie Koltai and Dr Eng-Kong Tan

Time: 10:00am- 4:00 pm (6 CPD points)

Venue: Crows Nest Community Centre, Crows Nest, NSW
Cost: $250 AABCAP Members $200

This one day workshop will cover theory and practice of Compassion for the therapeutic dyad.  The focus of the day will be on experiential exercises cultivating compassionate in our heart and minds via meditations, mindfulness and sensory movement.  A unique day seminar that will leave you feeling nourished to the core.

Chrissie Koltai is President of AABCAP and a psychotherapist in private practice. Trained in Self Psychology and takes an analytic and relational approach. Chrissie brings vast experience in theatre, movement and training in body awareness.

Dr. Eng-Kong TAN, consultant psychiatrist and analytic psychotherapist is Founder President of AABCAP. He is Adjunct Professor at Nan Tien Institute which is developing towards being Australia’s first Buddhist University.  Bookings: here

Apr 2017


Buddhism and Psychotherapy in Conversation – “Cultivating Joy” with Subhana Barzaghi

Related image

Time: 6:30- 8:30 pm
Venue: Crows Nest Community Centre, Crows Nest, NSW
Cost: $25 Members $15

Joy is one of the   Immeasurable‘’ qualities of an open peaceful heart.  We will explore the 8 pillars of Joy that we can cultivate to sustain a deep sense of lasting happiness and well-being in a changing world.  The talk will cover Buddhist teachings on Joy, a guided meditation and draw from exercises in Positive Neuropsychology to enhance, install and embody this uplifting quality of joy.

Subhana Barzaghi is a Zen Buddhist Roshi & senior Insight meditation teacher.  She teaches regular intensive Zen and Insight meditation retreats and leads workshops throughout Australia & New Zealand.  Bookings: here


Nov 2016


Recent Developments for Mindfulness-based therapists

Past, Present and Future

This seminar casts an exciting look to the future horizons of mindfulness based therapies in Australia and internationally. (more…)

Sep 2016


AABCAP Conversation: Mindfulness a tool or a path?

AABCAP Conversations in Buddhism and Psychotherapy

There has always been a lack of scientific consensus on the finer details and definitions of mindfulness.  (more…)

Jun 2016


AABCAP 8th Annual Conference 2016 Buddhist theory and practice in therapy

Dive deep into the therapeutic and transformative power of Buddhist meditation and psychotherapy. Join counsellors, psychotherapists and other health professionals as we move beyond the modern mindfulness movement and explore the therapeutic power of Buddhist inspired meditation and psychology. (more…)

Jun 2016


8th Annual AABCAP Conference – Beyond Mindfulness

Dive deep into the therapeutic and transformative power of Buddhist meditation and psychotherapy. Join us for 2 days of interactive workshops discussions and panels with leading Buddhist teachers and psychotherapists: including Subhana Barzaghi Geoff Dawson Mal Huxter Dr Eng-Kong Tan …Almost Sold out – some workshops still available, please contact us directly via email if you are interested

May 2016


AABCAP Conversations – Raising Windhorse

Presenter: Carl Webster – Psychologist Trungpa Rinpoche says, “The result of letting go is that you discover a bank of self-existing energy that is always available to you – beyond any circumstance.  It is actually comes from nowhere but is always there.  It is the energy of basic goodness.”   Body, Voice and mind exercises for accessing windhorse.

Apr 2016


AABCAP Conversations – A Meditative Psychotherapy

Presenter: Dr Eng-Kong Tan. A MEDITATIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY Co-Mindfulness in the Therapeutic Dyad as Therapeutic Action Long term analytic work has to first begin with the “evenly-suspended attention” of the therapist helping the client to bring to awareness the previously unconscious.

Mar 2016


Deepening Our Realisation of Presence: Weekend Retreat – Wilton, NSW

Two Day residential retreat with Lama Palden held in peaceful bush-land setting south of Sydney. The retreat is for practitioners ready to dive more deeply into meditation and embrace profound insight practices known to break through habitual thinking, feeling and being. EARLY BIRD RATE BEFORE 30th DEC 2015 only $480 or $450 BPIG and AABCAP

Mar 2016


Applications of Buddhist Therapeutic Wisdom: Beyond Mindfulness – Sydney

An Interactive workshop with Lama Palden and Penny which explores four key Buddhist themes: awareness, wisdom,love and presence. Lama Palden and Penny Fenner have been facilitating guiding others in the applications of Buddhist wisdom for over two decades. NTI Sydney 9am – 5pm

Mar 2016


The Awakened Feminine: Buddhism for Transformation – Sydney

Teachings and practices with Lama Palden on the awakened feminine from the Buddhist Tradition. This is part of a series of teachings, workshops and retreat with a foremost American Buddhist teacher and psychologist. This and related events are offered in conjunction with The Australian Psychological Society Buddhist and Psychology Interest Group

Dec 2015


Buddhism and Psychotherapy in Conversation with Liz Lobb

One of the greatest challenges currently facing health professionals is how to address the suffering of dying patients, particularly suffering that derives from psychosocial, spiritual or existential domains of the patients’ experience.